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problems down south. fredricksburg back to orange had a few trees knocked down. had some flooding reported. not as much lightning. there's some now eastern shore going to the northern neck. got a couple of showers still leftover in eastern loudoun, over toward areas in prince william around haymarket and down toward warrenton. that comes through and then everything will shut down. i do want to tell you east of town, we have a couple more hours we'll be dealing with this. a flood warning till 1:45 across parts of calvert and st. mary's, solomons. watch out for high water. had a couple of inches of rain on the doppler earlier. we could get locally 3 or 4. these were some realtor ven shall downpours. -- some torrential downpours. some 70s. we've got 80s right now where the sun is coming out. we see the cloudy skies here in tysons this afternoon. it's still very humid with some light showers. 79 degrees. a northeast wind at 7. and humidity 83 %. temperatures are warm, especially down in dallas. i point out great falls and bismarck in the 50s and 60s because the cooler air is on the way. we get
pattern through the course of tonight. you can see storms south of fredricksburg. to the west of front royal, a little action there as well. we have to watch the system as it continues to push its way through. to the weather maps, the big picture, bev tornado warning boxes through areas of the mid- section of the country. that is associated with the spin of the remnants of isaac. that moisture is heading our way. a big tropical air mass will interact with the front and set us up for showers and storms and a very unsettled weather pattern. i will have more details later. back to you. >> thank you. >>> the weather has changed plans for the labor day concert tonight. the national symphony orchestra will play at the kennedy center instead of the west side of the capital building. it's free. >>> they are putting the finishing touches on the democratic national convention in charlotte. in a few days president obama will accept his party's nomination for a second term. craig boswell is in charlotte tonight. >> reporter: democrats, journalists pour into charlotte. president obama narrowly won
. fredricksburg 74. and here in washington as we look outside on our michael & son weather camera. another cloudy morning. about 25 minutes before sunrise. starting to brighten up the clouds. 76. dew point 71. that is tropical air in place with the humidity at 85%. it's september now. there's still summertime heat going strong. look at oklahoma city and dallas. up around 105. 95 for kansas city. 09 in chicago. we'll see a little bit of heat creep toward us for thursday and friday as our temperatures get toward the 90-degree mark. in the short term still dealing with the remnants of isaac. you can see the circulation when we go back to the beginning. back here is where it is. this is still throwing much moisture and energy our way that the air mass in place is all sticky and it doesn't take too much to bubble up some showers and storms. that's why they're going to be with us today, tonight, tomorrow and even into thursday. looks like we'll have a chance of storms although it will start to wane. more sunshine means we're going to be hotter. today 87. scattered showers and thunderstorms. yellow aler
? >>> the northbound side of i-95 here in springfield, everything looks good but down in fredricksburg, two separate accidents on the shoulder now. northbound 95 at route 3 and another one north of route 17 in falmouth. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 4:47. back to you. >>> our time right now 4:41. it is time for the first your money segment ever the morning. >> it's time to take off with jessica doyle. good morning. >> good morning. it was a long, hot summer for some airline passengers. that's not a good thing. the government says the number of long delays in july involving planes that were actually stuck on the tarmac was more than previous eight months combined. 28 planes were waiting on the ground for more than three hours that month. 18 of those planes were operated by u.s. carriers. stocks on wall street snap add four-day winning streak. the dow lost 40 points. nasdaq was off by 5 and the s&p 500 was down by about 4.5. >>> shares of groupon does not do well -- did not do well yesterday. they fell 7 after a new survey of more than a hundred merchants found more than a third of them
. the construction had been a rainout. for 95 travelers, northbound lanes open out of fredricksburg into springfield but southbound 95, there was both an accident and a work zone near the rapahannock river between 17 and route 3. right now you'll find that the work zone is picking up. the crash continues to block a lane so that is southbound into fredricksburg. northbound side of 301, the tractor-trailer accident in upper marlboro has been cleared from the roadway. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. >>> the coolidge high school student charged with shooting a fellow classmate goes before a judge today. >> investigators say 17-year- old brandon smothers and the victim got into an argument over who was better dressed. court records show smothers left the school on september 19, returned with a gun and shot the other boy on the football field. witnesses told police the victim pushed other students out of the way so they wouldn't get hurt. smothers is going to be charged as an adult in this. the student who was the victim survived the shooting. >>> the man who shot and killed four people inside a minne
s across the board. fredricksburg, culpeper 77. those are some of the warmer spots along with east tn across the bay -- easton across the bay. 75 at the tappahannock airport and a beautiful day all across the region. we have just been enjoying some lovely weather. and our michael & son weather cam looking in order again. you can just barely see on the horizon, i believe that's sugarloaf mountain in frederick county. a ways away but great visibility. sunny skies. 75 degrees with the humidity at 51%. so another comfortable day. but things are going to change a little bit. look at this in the northern and central part of the country. we have 50s and 60s. kansas city 57. denver 56. quite a front. 80 degrees at national out ahead of it. the front will come through us as we get into friday night, saturday morning. with the front we're seeing a lot of rain in texas all the way up toward wisconsin. some cooler weather behind the front. they were once again in the 30s and 40s across the northern plains. but ahead of it, wins turn south and southwesterly. that's why we're talking about 80s,
. culpeper and fredricksburg enjoying a beautiful 77 degrees. as we look outside on our michael & son weather cam, very, very clear out. we're looking north up wisconsin avenue toward friendship heights and bethesda. i was seeing right here in the distance a little haze but looks like sugarloaf there. that's 30-plus miles away. what a beautiful day we've got going on. temperature 75 degrees with sunny skies. south winds 8 miles an hour and your humidity at 50%. another beautiful day across the region. but that's not going to last but a couple more. got a cold front coming across the country. this big storm is bringing in cooler air. temperatures this morning were in the 30s in bismarck. you'll notice the rain moving into southern minnesota. eight coming out of colorado. it is a chilly day. they're only in the 40s right now in denver. they're only going to be in the upper 50s for highs. out ahead of that front, though, temperatures in chicago are going to make a run toward 90. for us, we have high pressure nearby. still suppressing the cloud cover, keeping us nice and dry. but as the high pull
. 80 in fredricksburg already. 77 in annapolis. low to mid-70s in many areas, even bill in newland was telling me 81 there. we have a nice northeast wind coming in, reedville a beautiful day on the bay. easton 77 degrees. outside on our michael & son weather camera, you can see the high clouds giving us some filtered sunshine and just a few of the puffy clouds at lower elevations but really a fine september day. now, interestingly enough, this is considered overcast over at national airport. but we have a lot of sunshine filtering through the clouds. southwest wind at 5. humidity is creeping up. dew points now in the 60s and the relative humidity at 60%. we're looking pretty good. here are our weather headlines. warm this afternoon. 80 to 85 for the highs. a cold front is coming tonight. you saw a moment ago. with the front, though, there's not a lot of moisture to work with. other than a stray shower maybe near the pennsylvania border, this front will pass unventfully and we'll have a great weekend -- unevent fully and we'll have a great weekend behind the front. 80 in nashville w
. gaithersburg 72. still 68 in leesburg and hagerstown. just a gorgeous afternoon. fredricksburg 74. as we look outside on our michael & son weather cam, beautiful. clear skies over the capitol dome. reagan national officially 73 with the sunshine. dew points in the low 40s. the relative humidity only 34%. barely a detectable breeze east, southeast winds at 3 miles an hour. while it's nice and cool and comfortable here, you'll notice the heat in the middle of the country. mid-90s in minneapolis. 70 back in the dakotas. so there's a cold front here. i point that out because it's going to play into our weather later on as we get towards the weekend. himp just off to our -- high pressure just off to our west. there are a few showers ahead of the cold front in minnesota and north dakota but the warm air is in place and the back side of the high. we're still on the east side of the high, the cool side of height. with the high drifting over us, we'll have very light wind. it will turn more southerly so temperatures will keep up -- will creep up but there's really no weather headed our way. instead of
of as well as the cities of alexandria, falls church, fredricksburg and manassas. >>> in arlington county, some parents are upset that their youngsters will not be able to take the bus. they say they were notified last month that arlington public schools are getting rid of 12 bus stops. some parents are concerned that their children will have to walk nearly a mile to gliebe elementary school and across some busy roadways. the move affects about 1,000 students. arlington's superintendent says that the change was necessary because growing enrollment was causing the bus system to become overloaded. >>> a labor day tradition kicked off this morning in kensington. the 45th annual labor day parade and festival started on flyers mill road -- plyers mill road and headed down connecticut avenue and winding its way through the streets of kensington. thousands lined the parade route to watch floats, bands and other marchers anticipate in today's parade. >>> coming up next, the coast guard comes to the rescue of actor russell crow. >> and remembering the founder of the unification church and "the was
and see if traffic is buzzing along. >>> it was till now. there's an accident in fredricksburg right now, northbound on i-95 after route 3. the left side of the road is blocked with equipment on the scene. watch out for that slow traffic northbound on i-95. i'll be back with more on that coming up in my next report at 5:48. >>> i've been combing through the day's daily deals, e-mails and retailer websites so you know what time it is. daily deals time. here are some of my favorites on this thursday. a great deal for you on local wine. this is for wines from port of leonard town winery in st. mary's county, maryland. they're running a harvest sale this weekend so you will get 25% off all wines. the winery reached out to me with this offer which also includes gold medal winning wine. there's a grape stomp on saturday. that's fun of the perfect time of year. it's massage time in bethesda. groupon has a deal with ageless wellness center. you'll get a 30-minute massage all for 60% off at $39. the taste of d.c. coming up. it's october 6. you can get ticket packages starting at $5. this is one o
said mild, muggy. 71 in annapolis. 61 in winchester. it's 64 hagerstown and 62 fredricksburg. we are going up to the low 80s. some of the showers and storms tonight might affect the ravens game. more on that coming up. right now inside to monika with timesaver traffic. >>> a couple of accidents i need to tell you about. one is in northeast apparently involving four vehicles at fort totten and missouri avenue. another one up in maryland fenton at wayne. so watch out for both of those if you're traveling in either of those areas right now and i'll keep you posted of course on those situations. you've also got quite a bit of slow traffic now on 270 as you head in from frederick. it's going to be slow off and on as you head to clarksburg. in fact, we'll take a live look at route 109. it just looks normal, slowing down at 109 all the way to 121 and then of course it just gets a little bit better as you head toward germantown and rockville. we'll take another look around town. if you're planning to head over to the bw parkway or route 50, there's been one issue that's inbound route 50
this morning in western maryland. fredricksburg 46. 48 in la plata. we're still sitting thanks to the warmer waters of the potomac at 54. temperatures this afternoon it's going to be a sweet one. just a bit breezy with highs in the mid-70s. it is 5:30 straight up. let's get your traffic. here's monika samtani with that. >>> thank you so much, howard. with timesaver traffic i think you're going to be a also concerned about one issue on the southbound side of the bw parkway. it's an accident after route 202 and we're told that both thru lanes are blocked. you possibly can get through using the shoulder and police direction but i would suggest you use route 50 as your alternate route on the inbound side of the bw parkway again after route 202 where the accident sits right now. we'll keep you posted on that situation. we're in touch with park police for you. a live look if you're planning to head here on the beltway north of town. this is looking fine from 95 to university university all the way to 270. a quick look at the maps again. this time over in virginia where 95 is incident free. i'll be
in fredricksburg 49. fog a little bit of a problem but it's getting better. frederick was a quarter mile last time we checked and now three miles. that's an improvement. we had fog in cumberland. they've improved. isolated patches of fog and your highs this afternoon, you're going to love it. if you can get outside, do it. highs in the mid- to upper 70s. its 6:00 a.m. here comes monika with timesaver traffic. >>> good morning, everybody. the major thoroughfares are looking pretty good with the exception of 95 in virginia. a minor accident causing delays. i'm going to go to that in just a second. first want to show what you it looks like on the the north side of town. you have the normal slow stuff forming at 6:00 in the morning on the outer loop leaving college park, not that bad toward university boulevard. the pace improves in bethesda. i'll step out and show what you it looks like southbound 270 from our sky 9 n. is at i-370, the southbound side is the left side of your screen. you've got the slow traffic route 109 to 121. then here just a little below the speed limit. back over to our maps and
me that on facebook. manassas 46. fredricksburg 49 along with easton across the bay. there's been a touch of fog in the warrenton area. their visibilities down to a half mile. frederick forming a little bit of fog with visibility there at three-quarters. isolated patches of fog and a great afternoon. look at your highs. in the mid- to upper 70s. monika, i've got some great weather. what about traffic this morning? can you deliver? >>> no, no. i'm sorry. i can't. i cannot compare anything to the weather right now. even early in the morning i have a couple of issues to tell you about. over to 270 first. i-70 near 270, there is police activity and they want us to tell you to please be aware of take. they're doing a search in that area. there are no lanes blocked but just be aware of that activity. on the westbound side of i-70 right here near 270 up in frederick. we'll take a live look furtr south if you're planning to head here on 270 near route 109. no issues to report as you leave high yachts town down toward germantown and the beltway. 270 is doing fine. back over to the maps. wa
the sun is shining at me part of the world. 80 in fredricksburg. a very warm night. you walk outside and feel the humidity. all we need is a little trigger to give us some of the showers. we have a trough making its way through the system right now. it is producing a few showers in through northern virginia, southern maryland. most of these on the light to moderate side. if you are traveling 66 or down 95 you will probably run into a few of the showers. as we move to the west around i-81 seeing shower activity. picking up a moderate shower here. that one will make its way over towards springfield. another one about to cross over towards charles county. the big system to the north and west. this is the remnants of isaac combined with a frontal boundary that will help move the remnants over the region tomorrow. with the moisture over the south i think we stand a chance of showers and thunderstorms into the day tomorrow. more numerous during the day tomorrow. the showers here. here goes the remnants of isaac. the cold front swinging through the area. that's when we will see the showers
. she'll make appearances in richmond and at the university of mary washington in fredricksburg. also today, mitt romney will hold a rally at van dyke park in fairfax. this is video of the republican presidential nominee arriving at dulles airport yesterday afternoon. the rally is slated to start around 11:30 and you may want to avoid some potential traffic in the area. go to our website at wusa9.com to look for ways to get around. >>> it is 4:33 now. police in baltimore are searching for a gunman after a shooting at morgan state university. a man was shot in the chest around 5:00 last night near the field house on campus. he was not a student. detectives believe the shooting was a result of a botched robbery. the man is in stable condition right now. investigators believe the shooter and the victim knew each other. >>> police in prince george's county still haven't found a person who shot and killed an honor student on his way to school this week. marckel ross was gunned down tuesday as he walked to central high school in capitol heights. police are still also looking for a possible
. 74 in easton. at least weather wise. traffic wise you're on your own on that. fredricksburg, tappahannock 73. 75 at prince frederick. scott over at andrews also 75 with winchester checking in at 70. there was patchy fog well south of d.c. at last check. our michael & son weather camera, quiet this morning, cloudy, 76. humidity 87%. those dew points still in the 70s. some are still raging in the central and southern plains. look at these temps 105. 90s all the way up to nebraska. we'll get a little bit, just a taste of this heat as we head toward the end of the week as our temperatures make a run for the low 90s in a few spots. back here what's left of isaac still spinning in kentucky and tennessee. we have the moisture in place, just not very organized. we need a little kick. that will be the daytime heating. looks like maybe in the mountains and north a little bit better chance of seeing showers and storms until late this afternoon and this evening around here. so our forecast still has the yellow alert dayes because anything that pops has the potential to put down some hea
in gaithersburg. we don't have as many 40s as yesterday morning but still delightful with 53 in fredricksburg and 55 in easton. as we look outside on our michael & son weather cam, great visibility, clear skies. 61 degrees. national reporting partly cloudy conditions. generally clear in most areas. dew point 53 and the humidity 75%. so they're coming up a bit. you can tell where the cold front is. i haven't even put the temperatures on the map. it's right here coming across areas of wisconsin and southern minnesota. yesterday minneapolis was in the mid-90s. today they'll be in the upper 60s. this front moving off to the east and southeast. slowly, though. denver only 57 this afternoon. that's a big cooldown for them with the 90s in oklahoma city. we're seeing just still some very nice weather thanks to high pressure being real close to us. there's some showers along that front. that's one reason denver will stay cool. rain in the air stretching up to minnesota. out ahead of the front, southwesterly winds will put chicago back in the 80s. for us high pressure yesterday was in west virginia. th
at fredricksburg and 74 degrees at fredrick. so for today we are talking a high of 90 degrees. it'll be hot, it'll be sticky, muggy, and definitely we'll see some sun with a few clouds. humid? yes, definitely. by midday we'll be about 88 degrees. and as we take a look ahead as far as the weekend is concerned, expect to see some weekend showers and maybe even some storms. i'll have those details for you a little bit later with your full forecast. let's check in now with traffic, see hoour commuters are doing, here's julie. >>reporter: slow moving traffic along 270. we've got the crew in sky fox joining us again. heavy volume continues from 109 headed out towards clarksburg and delays leaving germantown from 118 to 124, mcvillage avenue and out towards rockville. doesn't look too busy here approaching falls road south of 28. gridlk traffic from montrose headed out towards the spur. new york avenue, no problems to report here at blaitensburg road. traffic slows through south dakota trying to get through the traffic light and florida avenue towards the tunnel. kennel avenue is slow approaching pen
to 85. 84 leesburg. 83 in cumberland. we've got some 70s in garrett county. fredricksburg 83. very nice afternoon ahead. here's the forecast in detail. today we're going to be in the 80s as i said. winds south to southeast 5, 10 miles an hour. tonight the stray shower, that front comes through so the winds will turn toward the northwest overnight as we dip into the 50s and 60s once again. a breezy day saturday, 78. mostly sunny. sunday partly sunny, a few more clouds around. still not bad with highs in the upper 70s. then finally some rain returns. showers around monday and tuesday. mid- to upper 70s. cooler wednesday but back to 80 by thursday. it's 4:46. enjoying a cup of coffee. here comes monika. >>> i think i'll get another one, though. it's early on a friday morning. we're right in that time when the construction is being cleared up but the volume is still really light. if this is the time when you head out, it's going to be great. no problems to report on 270. as cow down from i-70 in frederick all the way down to clarksburg and the point where the lanes divide, southbound i- 270
and cumberland. 75 in annapolis and 77 in fredricksburg. the specifics on the metro forecast, well, today 76. a nice day. a few more clouds this afternoon. not nearly as chilly tonight. we'll be in the 50s and low 60s. 84 tomorrow with a threat for an afternoon shower or thunderstorm, although i think most of us will be all right. nice on thursday. we could see that early shower i think, more so than later on with high thursday maid 70s. then shower -- mid-70s. then shower chances with highs in the low 70s depending on where exactly the front ends up. here comes monika with timesaver traffic. >>> good morning. a minor accident on the southbound side of i-270 at route 121 on that ramp there. that should be cleared shortly. i'll take you over to the northbound side of i-95 first. if you're planning to head up toward woodbridge and occoquan river into spring field, all of your lanes are open and no volume right now to deal with. we'll take a live look outside and show what you it looks like first here coming up from 644. this looks pretty good heading up through 395 and the 14th street bridge i
toward fredricksburg before the day is out. partly sunny skies at least at noon. mostly cloudy at 4:00. at 8:00 p.m. that's when we could have a few showers and storms across the area, especially west of town with temperatures back to 75 degrees. this morning all the action has been up north. southern pennsylvania, western maryland, parts of the west virginia panhandle and areas to our north as i said generally along and north of interstate 70, although you do see in upper montgomery county now, western howard, we have a few showers and storms which have snuck in here just between damascus and north of laytonsville now. lisbon, this is 70 coming in toward ellicott city in a little while. north of that from mount airy toward westminster, some heavy rain, some thunderstorm action going on here extending into baltimore county as well. back toward thurmont, you still have some rain, even hagueerstown but the heavy stuff is well east of you, east of route 15. temperatures are running into the 60s everywhere except for garrett county which is in the middle 50s at 55. easton is 68. culpepe
. if you're traveling on the 95 corridor, virginia northbound out of 23red ricksburg -- fredricksburg and points north, lanes are open. southbound cleared both overnight construction and a crash near the rapahannock river. if traveling on 66 eastbound into rosslyn, accident cleanup on the right shoulder. your thru lanes are open. they still have a right lane blocked near the exit for 110. 95 into springfield northbound all lanes are open. your next check of timesaver traffic at 4:55. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. >>> with all the weather extremes happening right here and all around the country, one government organization decided it was time to take action. >> meteorologist erica grow has more information on a proposed weather commission. >> reporter: today's congressional briefing was designed to shine a light on an ever present problem, the unpredictability of weather. >> we as a nation are becoming increasingly vulnerable to the impacts of extreme weather. >> reporter: that's why the university corporation for research proposed a commission that would look for a solution. tod
will make a campaign stop tomorrow in fredricksburg. >>> she was one of the first black women to enter the u.s. military. >> now she's 105. there's alice dickinson and she still has the fighting spirit. we are going to take you to her birthday celebration coming up next. >> they are informing joe citizen about the issues and influencing what becomes law on capitol hill. oh, yeah, they're creating jobs right here in the district. we have a cup of coffee with the founder of a red hot start- up in d.c. that's coming up at 6:12. you're watching 9news now. >>> good morning. >> welcome back. one of the first african- american women to serve in the u.s. army has passed a big milestone. she turned 105. >> anny hong found alice to be a woman of life, laughter and wisdom. >> god has been good to me, very g. he left me with a few marbles. >> reporter: more than a few many would say. spumpgy, feisty and -- spunky, feisty and sharp as a talk. alice dickinson shows no signs of slowing down. she's the oldest resident here at the v.a. medical center which has a nursing home wing. you can see the staff throu
chilly in the queen city, 45. 49 la plata. it's 52 in fredricksburg. 45 in frederick. and a comfortable brisk 50 in easton. this afternoon, though, sunshine. your highs will be in the mid- to upper 70s. 5:29, let's go over to monika samtani who is all smiles. >> started tennis clinic yesterday. beautiful day. probably will do it again today. it's great to be outside, especially at lunch time. if you're headed to work right now, things are also good. no problems on 270. you have some brake lights forming around route 109 but closer in, gaithersburg, organizeville, bethesda -- rockville, bethesda, 270 is great. just a bit of volume but no big delays yet of. all lanes are open on 270. back over to the maps and this time to the south side of town coming along 9 95. you're beginning to see the slow traffic right here in woodbridge across the occoquan river and just a bit in spring field. one more last time outside. 14th street bridge still moving well into downtown. i'll be back with more at 5:39. >> thank you, monika. >>> it's a beautiful tuesday and it was another beautiful tuesday morning
fredricksburg is 46. and outside looking at tysons corner under our michael & son weather cam, clear skies overhead. nice morning. 54. i don't know how they're reporting partly cloudy conditions. it's clear as a bell outside. dew point 47. humidity 77%. although the frederick automated weather station believe it or not actually had light snow and 41. nothing is perfect, right? we've got showers and storms here. look how these things are blowing up ahead of a warm front but there's a cold front up across michigan, wisconsin and ontario that will be drifting toward the east and southeast. as it gets closer and closer over the next couple of days, it will increase our rain chances. today the only thing that will increase, the winds and the clouds into the afternoon as we go partly sunny. a couple of showers into ohio. maybe getting into western pennsylvania late but better chance tonight. overnight we may see a stray shower and tomorrow afternoon we could see a shower or storm. better chance of that will be north and south but by thursday as the front sags a little farther south, our rain cha
's go to beverly farmer in for monika. >>> if you're traveling on 95 headed out of fredricksburg and making your way north, right now besides the wet pavement and volume building, lanes are open. pace still decent for folks heading into quantico. here in dale city near the rest area, volume is still light heading into woodbridge and on into springfield. northbound 395 still a good pace leaving edsall road, landmark up toward shirlington, the pentagon and the inbound 14th street bridge. downtown traffic no incidents to report. just the volume there. signal lights on the fritz on 14th street at c street. they've been flash mode since yesterday afternoon. 66 has been a good ride. no incidents or accidents belt waip through montgomery county. i can -- beltway through montgomery county. i can say that now. building volume as you head west in silver spring to georgia avenue. 95 southbound accident after 198 has just been reported. your next timesaver traffic at 5:38. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. >>> this morning d.c. police are investigating a deadly stabbing. >> officers got th
with easton at 63. fredricksburg 62. as we look outside on our michael & son weather camera, you see the clouds trying to break up here. northwest we're looking toward the south a little bit here with a temperature of 63 currently. dew points down to 51. so the drier air is moving in on the heals of those -- heels of those winds. we will see the sunshine build in shortly as the front is moving off shore. in south central canada, the northern plains, another push of some air from the northwest to the southeast. so a cooler, drier flow. so the next couple of days look really nice around here. our next front, that's going to cross us as we head into the weekend which means then there will be another chance for a shower and still not sure if that's going to be later saturday or into sunday but until then we look good. green across the board. 72 today. tonight will be chilly. we'll be about 54 in d.c. outer suburbs could be lower to middle 40s. places like the shenandoah valley, upper montgomery, western fairfax and loudoun, a chilly night. great day tomorrow, 78. friday 81. saturday we'l
. >>> first lady michele obama spoke to supporters at mary washington university in fredricksburg. she told the audience the president needs four more years to complete what he started. >>> today maryland's public service commission will conclude its hearing into this summer's derecho storm. after traveling around the state last month to hear from utility customers, now members are asking pepco and other power companies how they can avoid week-long outages after major storms. thursday bge officials said in order to restore power within 24 hours, the whole power system would have to be redesigned. >>> the time right now is 5:05. i am watching your money. there is a lot of economic news on the agenda this morning, but the reports are not likely to overshadow the federal reserve's new bond buying program. checking the numbers from wall street, the dow stands this morning at 13,539. check this out. 206-point rally yesterday after the fed announcement. the nasdaq was up by 41 points. and the s&p 500 was better by 23. >>> the term reserve will spend $40 billion a month to buy bonds hoping it will
, they're running in the 70s. a balmy morning. 73 for winchester. 77 in fredricksburg. and 74 in catlett from charlie. a sticky 79 in reidville and pax river, easton. here in d.c. this morning we are way warm. our michael & son weather cam great visibility in spite of having mostly cloudy skies. 79 degrees. winds up out of the south at 11 this morning. that breeze is keeping the fog from forming with humidity 79%. got moisture stretched out from southwestern virginia all the way up into new england. so that's what we're watching this morning. then clusters of storms also in the midwest approaching chicago. you have a flight through chicago this morning, check with the airlines. there could be delays with the clusters of storms. for us a few scattered showers and storms. looks like the activity will be more south and east this afternoon than north and west as we get up well into the 80s. if we get enough sunshine, we might see temperatures poking toward the 90-degree mark and we'll have fewer storms over the next couple of afternoons so consequently we'll be even hotter. 87 today. tonight
from leesburg, a little warmer down to the south for fredricksburg and down towards southern virginia. but definitely a pretty decent day for today. we're keeping everything in code green. it will be warm. this will be perhaps the warmest day of our seven-day stretch before the next system starts to move on closer and we shift our winds tomorrow. cloud cover is going to hold us back into the middle 70s. by thursday, even by friday we're still in the middle 70s but it's going to feel a lot cooler and a little more damp as the showers begin to move on through. then in the extended outlook, it looks like it's going to be a little bit messy as we get into our weekend forecast for saturday and sunday. we'll hold our temperatures into the lower 70s but as we slowly begin to shift those winds, we'll even see some clearing for our monday and tuesday forecast so things will start to turn around by the beginning of next week. monika? >> thank you so much, olga. >>> we already have a few issues in montgomery county. good morning, everybody. first of all i want to let you know there is an acciden
till after dark. 79 by noon. high about 82 in town. i think 85 or so in fredricksburg and only 75 in hagerstown. we are sitting at 68 right now. showers and storms north of us this morning. they went across places like hagerstown and frederick. you guys got woken up by the thunder this mo
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